11 August (Hobart) – Melbourne horror synth heavyweights The Night Terrors return to Hobart to launch their brand new album Spiral Vortex at the Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival opening night party on 22 August at the Brisbane Hotel.

Featuring the haunting theremin melodies of Miles Brown, plus an orgy of vintage electronics, Spiral Vortex sees the band build upon their post-prog roots to explore a broader universe of warped psychedelia, thunderous dreamscapes and dark cosmic dance.

Since the release of 2009’s Back To Zero, The Night Terrors have toured the world, playing with the likes of Goblin, Hawkwind, Lou Reed & Laurie Anderson, Black Mountain, Melt-Banana and Serena-Maneesh. In 2012 they performing a 50 minute piece they composed for the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Pipe Organ, supporting Goblin at Melbourne Music Week.

The band have just completed recording an album of this material for a Halloween 2014 release through Andy Votel’s UK label Twisted Nerve, and are returning to Hobart to play their horror electronic Spiral Vortex set for you at the Brisbane Hotel on Friday 22 August at the Brisbane Hotel.

The Night Terrors will be supported by Hobart band All The Weathers. Tickets $20, book here or at the door.

Press for Spiral Vortex:

“Spiral Vortex is brilliant. It is the kind of late night spiral (it can’t be helped) into the black hole of feverish lament and Giallo deconstruction (and dismemberment). And the spectral cinematics are evidently something the band revels in – titles like ‘Lasers For Eyes’, ‘Monster’ and especially ‘The Devil Played Backwards’ serves to drive this heavy theme home.” – Sonic Masala

“Folks you should check out this incredible record by The Night Terrors. It is pretty awesome it’s like Bruno Nicolai meets MBV jamming with a gigantic theremin.” – Spencer Hickman, DeathWaltz Recording Company

“Melbourne’s horror dwellers The Night Terrors continue delving into the darkest recesses of the cinematic nightmare on second LP Spiral Vortex. Walking a tightrope between garishness and genuine tension, albeit in a lush Argento-esque fashion, the trio remain a potent force. Miles Brown’s theremin theatrics continues to amaze, while Damian Coward’s pummelling drums plays like an apocalyptic metronome. The key to Spiral Vortex’s success though is the synth lines devised by Brown and Sarah Lim – at once archaic and futurist (‘Lasers For Eyes’), macabre and sensuous (‘Monster’), with the slightest rays of light piercing through the darkness.”
– Themusic.com.au

Listen to Spiral Vortex here.