Our judges will make their decision on the night, during a brief interlude… No pressure then!

jen lynch

Jennifer Lynch

Jennifer Chambers Lynch is a director and writer, known for Surveillance (2008), Chained (2012) and Boxing Helena (1993). She also wrote the best-seller The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer (1990) as a tie-in to her father’s cult television series, Twin Peaks.


Andrew McPhailAndrew McPhail

Andrew is the Business and production investment manager at Screen Tasmania. He has a background of over 25 years experience in the screen industry as an executive producer, producer and writer. Find out more about Screen Tasmania here.


abibinningAbi Binning

Abi Binning is the General Manager of Wide Angle Tasmania. She’s also an independent producer and principal of the production company, Move Media. Abi has a number of credits in both broadcast documentary and short drama. Before entering the film industry, Abi worked extensively across the education sector as a teacher, researcher and curriculum writer. See their website for info about services Wide Angle offers.

ursuladabrowsky150x1501Ursula Dabrowsky

Ursula Dabrowsky is a name to watch in horror. She’s also been a supporter of the Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival from the start, and we’re thrilled that she’ll be a guest of the festival in 2013. Ursula wrote her first psychological horror screenplay, Family Demons, and shot the film in early 2006 in two weeks with a production budget of $6,500. Three years and $35,000 later, the film went on to screen at numerous national and international film festivals and won Best Foreign Film and Best Actress at the Fright Night International Film Festival in the United States. Ursula Dabrowsky is now in post on the second instalment of her Demon Trilogy Inner Demon, a supernatural revenge horror film that obtained financing through the SAFC’s FilmLab. She’s writing the third one too, it’s called Demonheart. Here’s the Facebook page for Inner Demon.

kirsha150x150Kirsha Kaechele

Kirsha Kaechele is an American curator, artist, and sustainable architect. She lives and works at MONA with her boyfriend, David Walsh. Walsh stole her from New Orleans, where she transformed a block of abandoned houses in the St Roch ghetto into KKProjects / Life is Art Foundation, an anti-white box gallery for installation art. In Sonoma, California, she founded a land-art space on 120 acres and medical marijuana farm to support it, funding art first with drugs, now with sex and gambling. At MONA, Kaechele began MoMa Market, a creative take on the traditional community market. Her work generally involves messing MONA up as she finds it too perfect- currently by building architectural sculptures that will be chicken coops and the farm that will feed the Museum. Kaechele has little background in Horror, except that her best friend from California (Rodleen Getsic) stars in The Bunny Game, a very disturbing film. She will use her ferocious aesthetic sense for what’s good to judge this year’s festival.

monsterpics150x150Ben Hellwig

Ben is from Monster Pictures (he’s their Acquisitions Manger and Production Coordinator if you you want to get technical). That’s not actually a photo of him. For more information about Monster, visit their website