The Short Script Challenge returns… but with a difference

In 2012 and 2013 the short script challenge was known as the 10 X 10 Short Script Challenge and participants were given 10 days to write a script of up to 10 pages.

This year, it’s been renamed the Tasmanian Gothic Short Script Challenge and you only get 48 hours. In that time you need to write a horror script of 6 pages or less (understanding that 6 pages should work out to approximately 6 minutes of screen time). The challenge is open to both male and female participants, and you can be located anywhere in the world to take part.

Last year’s prompt was a quote from the brilliant Shirley Jackson. This year it will be a different quote, but the challenge will be the same: to write a short horror screenplay with enough originality, energy and style to impress our judges….

We are thrilled to have writer/producer/director Brian Yuzna, screenwriting duo Shayne Armstrong and SP Krause and writer/director Ursula Dabrowsky.

See the jury bios and list of 2014 winners HERE >>

The complication this year is that you may elect to anonymously hand over your entry to a team taking part in our 48-hour Tasploitation Challenge in July. This is as simple as ticking a box on your registration form and is optional. The aim of tying in the two challenges is to encourage collaboration and to give screenwriters an extra chance to get their work made.

The Best Script prize will include a two-night “writer’s retreat” at the St Helens Beach House, courtesy of our friends at the Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival. There will be three runner up awards given and the top script at least will be given a live reading during the festival.

Registrations are now open and close 27 June.

The writing weekend begins at 8 pm on 27 June 2014.

To register pay the $10 (Australian dollar) fee here and then complete the entry form below at the bottom of this page.

You will receive the prompt email with the quote at 8 pm on 27 June, at which point you may start writing…. you must submit by 8 pm on 29 June.

Delivery of your script should be as a PDF and in standard screenplay format.


  • Multiple entries are not permitted.
  • Each script will be read by all judges and each participant is guaranteed feedback.
  • The registration fee of $10 (Australian dollars) means you are registered, but you should also receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive the “provocation” email on 27 June email us.
  • The Script Challenge is open to writers from around Australia and the world. If you win the top prize and are unable to use it due to being in another country, we’ll give you the option of choosing another prize instead.
  • Prizes will range from books and DVDs to Final Draft software and screenwriting consultation services.
  • Registered participants outside of Australia will receive the prompt email that starts the challenge at the same time as those in Australia, and will have the same 48 hours to work on their script and submit it (eg. 8 pm 27 June Australian Eastern Standard Time is 3 am on 27 June in LA and 11 am on 27 June in London.) Click here to work out what the times are where you are.
  • If do not tick the “I would like my script to be offered to a Tasploitaiton Challenge participant” box, your script will not be part of the Tasploitation Challenge and will be judged as part of the Script Challenge only, as per usual.
  • If you elect to provide a script to a (randomly selected) 48-Hour Challenge team, you are confirming that you understand that you will not be able to have any input into how your script is interpreted. You also understand that the team by change your script, a little or a lot, and the finished film may not closely reflect your intention.
    If a challenge film produced using your script has end credits, the filmmaker(s) will be required to mention you as writer. Note that you may not be the sole writer credited. Any disputes along these lines are to be determined by Stranger With My Face Horror Festival.
  • The Short Script Challenge will be judged entirely separately to the 48-Hour ‘Tasploitation’ Challenge and solely on the merits of the unproduced screenplay submitted. Writers’ names will not be known by the judges.
  • Paymate is a secure credit card payment facility based in Australia. If you are unable to pay the registration via this method email us to make an alternative arrangement.