In 2014 a collection of novice and experienced filmmakers furiously wrote, produced, edited and delivered short horror films within a truly insane 48-hour period.

Teams were given 48 hours to make a short horror film (6mins or less) with three random prompts given to them at 8 pm on Friday July 25, 2014 – an object, a line of dialogue and a horror sub-genre – and had to deliver a completed film by 8pm on the following Sunday, July 27, 2014.

The result was 16 short films screened in competition (plus 4 screened out of competition – whose films didn’t quite make the deadline!). They were screened to a packed house at the Grand Poobah in Hobart on August 21, 2014, with a dress up theme and twin choc top sellers adding to the atmosphere.

The prize winners were:

  • Screen Tasmania Prize for Best Film ($500) – Bring The Cat In by RMH Films
  • Wide Angle Tasmania Audience Choice Prize – Living Things For Lively Youngsters by Tripe Productions
  • Cooper Screen Academy Prize for Best Performance – Rob Braslin in Toy Boy by The (Totally) Lost Boys
  • Monster Pictures Prize for the Sickest Film – Shithouse by The Decomposers
  • Special FX/Design Prize – Blood Gen by Play Nice
  • Tasmaniana Award – Lady Garden by Carrie McLean
  • MONA Award for the Most Original Film – Orange Lies by Special Patrol Group (filmmakers Sarah L. Badcock, Isabella J. von Lichtan and Matthew Taylor composer)

Teams included emerging filmmakers and experienced filmmakers and absolute beginners. Many teams, including the winners, RMH Films, involved children as collaborators and performers! As well as a prize from Screen Tasmania, the winning film will screen at the Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival later this year.

The judges of the awards were:

  • genre screenwriters Shayne Armstrong and Shane Krause
  • Screen Tasmania Director Karena Slaninka
  • film reviewer and and journalist Tim Martain
  • producer and Screen Tasmania board member Anita Ondine
  • special guest genre filmmamker Mattie Do
  • Neil Foley of Monster Pictures