au Aaron was a first time participant in the Tasmanian Gothic Short Script Challenge 2016.
Aaron was born in Sydney in 1960. He was taken onto a nude photo shoot by his parents when he was eight and was doing the laundry for their brothel when he was fifteen. He worked in their brothels from when he was 19 until he was 27. He escaped when he was 29 and entered Macquarie University in 1989. Aaron earned a degree in 1994, first class honours and a doctoral scholarship in 1995. He was awarded his doctorate in 2002 and taught from 1997 to 2008 in tertiary and cultural institutions.  In 2015 he set about using his experiences and the skills acquired at University to raise awareness of children of sex-workers.
Specialities: documentary, memoir, romance, horror
Script sample: Dump Birds (challenge script) ~ AaronDarrell_ScriptSample_TasGothic2016
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