au Bernie was a first time participant in the Tasmanian Gothic Short Script Challenge 2016. Her script was judged to be in the top 20 % and won the Trifecta Award, for a script that cleverly incorporates the three prompts.
Bernie’s love of horror stories started far too early for her parents’ liking, and completing a degree in Media Studies (with a Major in Screen & Sound and a Minor in Creative Writing) from Murdoch University in 2006 did nothing to curb her enthusiasm for the genre.  Despite working in the wine and financial services industries after university, the siren call of writing was ever-present, and in 2012 she was awarded a mentorship from the Australian Horror Writers’ Association (AHWA) for her TV pilot Eleison (previous title: Natural Causes).  She is now working as a writer, proofreader and editor, and is currently showing Eleison to producers locally (in Perth) and around Australia. Her YA novella The Park in the Dark is coming soon.
Specialities: Horror (chiller, thriller and slasher), Arthouse, Adventure
Script sample: The Importance of Fresh Breath (challenge script) ~ BernieRutkay_ScriptSample_TasGothic2016