au Aaron was a first time participant in the Tasmanian Gothic Short Script Challenge 2016.

Aaron Ducker is a horror screenwriter from Tooowoomba. After consuming more horror films than is good for one’s sanity, he set about writing his own. Drawn to horror by its naturally subversive nature, Aaron likes the way horror can explore and discuss socio-political issues in a way no other form can. Inspired by the likes of Wes Craven, Mick Garris, and Sam Raimi, along with an intensive knowledge of art philosophies such as surrealism and expressionism; Aaron aims to write smart artistic yet fun horror movies for a modern horror-going audience. Blood, gore and bizarre dream sequences; all this and much more await in Aaron’s disturbed mind.

Specialities: Slasher,  Socio-political horror,  Subversive horror, Nihilist horror, Expressionist cinema, Surrealism, Black Humour, Monsters, Ghosts, Dystopia.
Script samples: Mother Knows Best (feature)AaronDucker_WritingSample_Screenplay                                                                                                            Hellington Mannor (challenge script) ~ AaronDucker_WritingSample_TasGothic2016